The mission of WAICV is to provide and secure funding to the Wheeler Avenue nonprofits; it was founded under the auspices of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church in Houston. The two primary nonprofits that are supported through WAICV funding are: Wheeler Avenue Central City Comprehensive Community Center (WA5C’s) and Wheeler Avenue Triangle Ministries Inc. (WATMI). The nonprofits were established under the visionary leadership of Rev. William A. Lawson and the late Audrey Hoffman Lawson.  The work of nonprofits continues and has expanded its philanthropic outreach under the dynamic leadership of Rev. Dr. Marcus D. Cosby, Senior Pastor of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church.



 WA5C’s provides support to the following programs:


  • The Madge Bush Transitional Living Center (Housing for 16 families in transition) supports  families that previously have originated from shelters.

  • The Honey Child Program – provides prenatal education and awareness to women between the ages of 17 and 44 years.

  • Advancing Emotional Health Program – provides education and awareness to faith-based communities regarding treatment and utilization in Metro Houston. 

  • AHLSR – Case Management – provides through our affordable housing program supportive case management that allows seniors to age in place with the necessary supportive resources. 




WATMI’s – mission is to provide the necessary real estate infrastructure for social service entities that need suitable housing whether corporate or residential. 



WAICV is committed to finding sufficient resources that help us build a strong and vibrant community. We believe in working across diverse communities through individuals, organizations and corporate entities to provide the necessary philanthropic support to these agencies.  As the disparity gap widens, we are counting on our partners to assist in funding our efforts through their time, talent and treasure.  As a result, we can continue to make a difference in someone who has lived on the street. We offer additional affordable housing for persons with limited resources to those families and communities in need. Together, we help people living in the Third Ward of Houston and try to develop strong economies in the inner city communities, for this generation and future generations.




Our partners and friends include the Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church family, its members, friends, citizens with a heart for Third Ward Houston, and our Greater Metro Houston community. 




Lucy H. Anderson, Chair

Wanda Kimbrough, Secretary

Maurice Carr, Treasurer

Ronique B. Robinson

Robert Haller Jr.

Melvin Plummer

Michael Hoyt

Jonathan Howard

Dr. Willie Trotty

Our board of directors is committed to fulfilling the mission by seeking opportunities that provide funding our non-profits. They are advocates of both personal and collective philanthropy that brings resources to bear to those who need a helping hand.  We support the vision through tangible means. We are appreciative to our board members who give up their time, talent, and measure. Without their commitment support our efforts would be not be possible.

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