Each organization that provides social service programs that impact both individuals and families is tasked to ensure that the financial obligations are met consistently. And in order to that, we need partners that desire to make commitments to help sustain the work of WAICV and its affiliate nonprofits.  As we progress in this 21st century, we are find that the disparity gap continues to widen, and unless these essential and necessary resources are provided, those that are most vulnerable are left with limited resources.  We are asking that individuals, organizations and local businesses make a monthly commitment to WAICV.





All organizations that desire to grow need working capital that allows them to develop physical infrastructure which supports affordable housing, senior housing, and social service delivery. In the coming days, we plan to roll out our campaign that encompasses the vision and community plan for WATMI which needs to expand its housing both commercial and residential infrastructure.     In addition, its primary properties are aging depreciating and in need of maintenance and replacement over time. 

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